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GONP Founder Hitesh Tolani has faced many challenges and achieved remarkable successes throughout his life. When he came to the US as a one-year-old with his parents, little did he know that he would later face the struggle of not having legal immigration status due to his father’s passing when he was just 13. However, with the help of supportive politicians in Washington, his family fought for his citizenship and eventually succeeded. Taking this second chance, Hitesh went on to create Virtudent, the first commercial teledentistry practice in America.


Later in life, Hitesh embraced his identity as a gay man but felt limited by the media’s stereotypes of gay men. He yearned for genuine connections within the LGBTQIA+ community. Inspired by a trip to Acadia and encouraged by his straight friends, he decided to address this need. He created an Instagram group where LGBTQIA+ individuals who enjoyed hiking and visiting national parks could share their stories. The group quickly gained popularity, going from 201 followers in one weekend to nearly 10,000 in six months!


Through @GaysOfNationalParks, Hitesh discovered that being “gay like me” meant being true to oneself in a unique way. He connected with diverse individuals—lawyers, artists, teachers, and entrepreneurs—who were part of the LGBTQIA+ community. As a doctor, he recognized the higher likelihood of deep loneliness and mental health issues among LGBTQIA+ people. By fostering connections within his Instagram group, Hitesh aimed to combat this loneliness and inspire others with real stories from within the community, highlighting the beauty of authenticity and self-acceptance.

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